WORLD AFFAIRS SINCE 1919 by Peter Wales


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This is self-education designed to provide the determined adult with the hardest history to grasp -- recent and contemporary politics, economics, and ideologies. The author writes clearly and has condensed his material to the point of broad generalization without dogmatism. An English import, a drawback of its origin is apparent in the short suggested reading lists that follow each of the eight chapters. These are entered with English publishers given and a random check showed that many of the titles are not in print in the U.S. while, in some cases, better alternative American general titles are not listed. Proceeding from the peace settlement after WW I to the end of the Korean fighting, the book includes the affairs of: Russia, the U.S., Britain and the Commonwealth, and France. The governments that made up the fascist allies are treated in a chapter subdivided by country. World War II and international relations since 1945 are reviewed in separate chapters. An appendix includes: the League Covenant, the Atlantic Charter and the UN Charter.

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