THE PAST IS HUMAN: Ancient Mysteries Explained by Peter White

THE PAST IS HUMAN: Ancient Mysteries Explained

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Peter White studies recent theories of extraterrestrial astronauts visiting earth, leaving varied carvings, buildings and pictorial artifacts in remote pockets of the globe, and softly cries, ""Aw, pshaw!"" The mysteries of the Mayan calendar, Easter Island, the Incas and the Sphinx are each explicable in simple human terms and require no superintelligent beings for their source. He shows how the many-ton stone heads on Easter Island were chiseled from a volcanic quarry, then sledged and erected slowly in an engineering feat duplicated by Thor Heyerdahl using only twelve men. Many amazing cave paintings of fantastic humanoid critters in space helmets are shown to be libidinous equivalents to the oddities of Dali' and Picasso. Mystical mathematical theories about the pyramids and the Stonehenge monoliths are exploded as wildly inaccurate math and worse astronomy. So, outer-spacefolk are out, all is rational, and we can get on to the real problems. . . which are?

Pub Date: Feb. 24th, 1975
Publisher: Taplinger