THE AMERICAN WAY OF SEX by Peter Whittaker


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A series of fairly in-depth interviews with a bunch of call girls (and boy), with an intro replete with grandiose statistics on education levels, drug use, ethnic diversification, etc. -- based on a sample of 32 prostitutes! -- presumably to assuage the guilt of the voyeuristic reader by the assurance that the study has sociological validity. Once past this idiotic pretentiousness, the book is fairly interesting, with the subjects working in every kind of locale from the ritzy Caesar's Retreat massage parlor on New York's Upper East Side to sleazy S & M lofts and gay brothels. The earnings of some of these ladies (sometimes for doing nothing more than physically and verbally abusing men for several hours a day) should make the average secretary pee in her Pitman, and indeed a number of college grads seem to have temporarily taken up the oldest profession -- to build up a nest egg before setting out in more respectable and permanent careers.

Pub Date: June 21st, 1974
Publisher: Putnam