DOCTOR TOM by Peter Wingate


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An amiably guileless account of a young doctor's probation-in practice- at an outstation, very far out of the way, in East Africa- where Colin, the District Commissioner, is his only other regular white contact. Dealing with ""raw Africans"" who are suspicious and superstitious, Tom is also a raw Doctor and the native Dominic, who helps him in the dispensary, is a far more intuitive diagnostician. There is an outbreak of sleeping sickness; a Caesarian, his first, under impossible conditions; miscellaneous chills, fevers, and cold sweats for Tom as medical knowledge must be supplemented with diplomatic know-how. And there is too the arrival of Sister Barrow and his possible emotional entanglement- eliminated by Colin who arranges a more suitable replacement.... An autobiographical imprint here, and it's likable as well as believable, but not important.

Publisher: Morrow