AFFAIR PREVENTION by Peter with Bill Bruns Kreitler


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Peter Kreitler is a California minister who feels surrounded by the affair mentality (he and his wife almost had lovers themselves), yet he feels strongly that most marriages are deeply damaged when fun-and-games interrupt the sanctity of the vows (particularly if the wronged partner catches on). Wisely, the sexual aspect is underplayed; instead Kreitler concentrates on the appeal of affairs--the chance to escape from responsibilities, routine, the sober-and-predictable. The initial feeling of ""being in love"" with all its euphoria is the panacea most people seek in such relationships. So it then follows that prevention-minded people (and Kreitler does get his inspiration from holistic medicine) should concern themselves with injecting a little tender loving care into their marriages--time set aside for doing things together, shared showers, mutual appreciation, and the usual spate of marriage-consciousness. Of course, some of this goes entirely too far--as when it is asserted that men and women who share coffee are already, consciously or unconsciously, contemplating an affair (coffee as aphrodisiac?); but for those seeking an ounce of prevention, this might preclude a cure.

Pub Date: April 29th, 1981
Publisher: Macmillan