BEE by Peter Zachary Cohen


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Laconic to a fault, this is Herb talking to himself as he tries to conquer the ornery buckskin, Bee, that rancher Rudy Kemp has made a condition of his apprenticeship. After Rudy lands in the hospital -- ribs broken in an attempt to rescue Herb from a spooked Bee -- Herb decides to round up Rudy's stray cattle alone and come to some working understanding with Bee in the process. Instead he becomes the scared witness to a cattle rustling operation, and must make the most important ride of his life on a horse he can't control. An insular, cowpokey narrative that at first seems to overdo the picturesque vernacular, Bee nevertheless makes for a more solid encounter with horseflesh than either the animal or the circumstances would seem to merit.

Pub Date: March 12th, 1975
Publisher: Atheneum