THE CAT-NAPPERS: A J eeves and Bertie Story by P.G. Wodehouse

THE CAT-NAPPERS: A J eeves and Bertie Story

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Unlike other elderly monuments knighted by the Queen, Sir P.G. does not rest from his labors and this latest Bertie/Jeeves affair is among the best. The pride of the Woosters, stopped in midcaroling in the bath, realizes he is ""freckled like the pard"" and on doctor's orders flees to the country, close to the trumpet-tongued Aunt Dahlia. The cat that is napped -- and re-napped -- and napped yet again -- is the stable-mate of a race horse owned by the hellhound Cook. Cook's horse will not perform without the cat and Aunt Dahlia's little all is wagered on horse #2. . .and so on. There are horrendous and noisy individuals, some with riding crops and glassy eyeballs and then there's Jeeves who hoves to between readings of Spinoza. Another lark from the wily knight of cloudless climes.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1975
Publisher: Simon & Schuster