PLUM PIE by P.G. Wodehouse


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KIRKUS REVIEW's a new collection of short stories in which blokes and butlers and bookies and all the old familiars in this rogue's gallery--Bingo Little and Wooster and Jeeves and Freddie Threepwood engage in harmless high jinks...arrange the marriage of Sir Roderick Glossop's daughter in order that he can complete his in forged antiquities...escape...peckish wives...etc. Then there's the author who hypnotizes his publisher into a lucrative contract and a better golf game (more of a prune than a plum, this one)...the smoke of a good cigar which gets in the eyes of romancing Gladys and Lancelot...and on. For those whose sense of nonsense runs to legpulling and kneeslapping--and presumably that audience is still solvent.

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 1967
ISBN: 1590200101
Publisher: Simon & Schuster