DONAHUE: His Own Story by Phil & Co. Donahue
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DONAHUE: His Own Story

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Talk-show host Donahue is one of the hottest performers in television today. In this brief, candid memoir, written before his current Newsweek-cover celebrity, Donahue tells of his childhood in Ohio, his four years at Notre Dame, his loss of faith, and his single-minded determination to make it in broadcasting--which wrecked his marriage and left him a single parent with custody of four sons. What raises the book above the usual show-biz confessional is Donahue's keen observations on such subjects as racism, the women's movement, the greed and power of TV-station owners, censorship, and the way talk-variety programs (including his own) have become platforms for assorted pitchmen. The book might be read just to consider Donahue's thoughtful editorial on those charity affairs hosted by celebrities, especially the telethons designed to combat children's diseases. Obviously, Donahue is a good deal more than just the handsome darling of daytime television. The ""& Co."" of the credits refers to seven members of the program staff who describe in a chapter their jobs and their relationship to the boss. Surefire for his following and interested others.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1979
Publisher: Simon & Schuster