BLIZZARD by Phil Stong


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Take one portion of John O'Hara's The Farmers Hotel and blend it with three portions of State Fair, bring the time up to date and set your story in an Iowa blizzard, and this is your dish. Everyone caught in the refuge of Jim Mercer's gadget equipped farmhouse had a reason for wanting to be somewhere else. There was a one-time veterinarian who had gone into politics and was heading, along with his daughter and his publicity director and prospective son-in-law, for a meeting where his candidacy for the U.S. Senate would be assured. There was an orphan of the storm, beautiful but bad, whose goal was changed twice during the stormbound week-end. And there were the enemy neighbors, whose presence resulted in the old man's determination to accept no favors, even the housing of his strayed cattle. And finally, there was Celia, granddaughter of old Jim Mercer, whose plans were New York and a musical career since the neighbor's son no longer wanted her. It's all kept very clean, and the finale, when the plough digs them out is heartwarming and satisfactorily suspected. A pleasant timepasser.

Publisher: Doubleday