SOUTH WIND RED: Our Hemispheric Crisis by Philip Alexander Ray

SOUTH WIND RED: Our Hemispheric Crisis

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Here's a vigorous view from the right covering economically twisted, tortured Latin America; attacking a Galbraith/Kennedy thesis, the author, formerly Under-secretary of Commerce for the Eisenhower administration, demands, with a frequently choppy clamor, that we increase the private sector in our investments overseas, not the public one, thereby avoiding ""Laos, Chaos, Cuba and Confusion"". Like most who detail the social strife south of our border, author Ray offers more information than insight, yet his pages often ignite with frightening data: Chile is almost set to expropriate its U.S. industries; most Venezuelan lower-grade teachers are Red; squatter camps infest Peru and Rio; labor subsidies increase inefficiency, decrease productivity; foreign aid creates balance-of-payments deficit; all over steel is preponderantly government owned and oil is next. Therefore, to counteract: help the growing young ""intellectual capitalists"", establish regional universities divorced from state and student management, follow Puerto Rico's free-market success Operation Bootstrap. A hard-hitting, up-to-the-minute U.S. News & World Report sort of assessment.

ISBN: 0548390517
Publisher: Regnery