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8 Steps to Ultimate Success

by Philip A. Berry

Pub Date: Dec. 3rd, 2010
ISBN: 978-1432756420
Publisher: Outskirts

Berry presents his positive plan for life and career transformation.

As a business leader who has worked globally for Fortune 500 companies, Berry now uses his communication skills to head his own business specializing in executive coaching and leadership development. However, this brisk guide is not only for the business-minded, as anyone needing to break out of a job rut can benefit from the author’s reader-friendly advice. Quoting Albert Einstein’s famous “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result,” Berry doesn’t give simplistic solutions; instead, he prompts readers to overcome negative mental barriers and achieve full life and career potential. The book is clearly divided by chapter into eight principles, beginning with “Why Change?” and culminating in “Creating Opportunities for Success.” Each chapter ends with questions, or “thought stimulators,” to encourage self-evaluation. For example, those who are unsure of a career path can review a list of 377 personal values (consistency, assertiveness, etc.) in the book’s appendix—ultimately the list should be narrowed to four major values as part of an exercise to help determine personal job compatibility. A chapter on networking suggests easily implemented ideas for maintaining professional relationships; e.g., using technology to connect with others or remembering special events like birthdays. The author also discusses the powerful concept of product branding and how to utilize advertising concepts for “personal rebranding.” Berry’s voice is affecting as he encourages readers to have an open mind and embrace new perspectives. He demonstrates an engaging passion for his work; during two-year negotiations on behalf of an American company that wished to purchase a Turkish company, Berry made an effort to learn the Turkish culture, and when he brought prayer beads to a meeting, the Turkish company’s otherwise stern patriarch was pleased and deal was struck. Some of the book’s questions are reminiscent of a college career day, but Berry gives fresh, modern insight for those who desire to make changes for the better.

An inspirational tool for personal and professional growth.