AND CROWN THY GOOD by Philip Davis


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A cousin of Chaim Weizmann's writes of his own early years in Russia and as an immigrant here in the United States in sober style. The influence of the Weizmann home which made him determined to break away from a Talmudic career, the trip to the land of promise and the days on Rivington Street in the ghetto of poverty and underpaid and under privileged labor; then on to Chicago where Hull House and Jane Addams gave direction to his unformed dreams. The University of Chicago and Harvard followed and trade unionism became his whole business while working with the Civic Service House in Boston which was his immediate job. The origins of vocational guidance and adult education, the organization of a newsboys' union, the fight against prejudice -- all are part of is autobiography which in its sincerity and straight forwardness has a certain dignity unimportant.

Pub Date: Feb. 26th, 1952
Publisher: Philosophical Library