THE NEW EROTICISM: Theories, Vogues, Canons by Philip -- Ed. Nobile

THE NEW EROTICISM: Theories, Vogues, Canons

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Mr. Nobile who is also Commonweal's editor has assembled a high-styled collection of pieces on the generally topless topography of the decade along with some of its more serious psychosocial significance -- Norman O. Brown and Marcuse with their extensions of Freud's Eros; Hobsbawn on the puritanical nature of revolution; Ernest Becker and Thomas Nagel on aspects of perversion. Up from the less subliminal there are more repertorial accounts of voyeurism in New York, homosexuality, naked therapy (glowingly sponsored), body painting, sex in advertising, rock and the theatre, and, from the editor, a piece on the publication Screw. Not to forget George Steiner's Night Words and the unutterable monotony of pornography which equates nu with deja vu in almost all cases, and the rebuttal by Kenneth Tynan -- to each his own. There are close to 25 pieces in all and they are well observed rather than judgmental, all going to show (as someone else said) that while the Victorians swept pornography under the carpet, we give it the most comfortable room in the house.

Pub Date: Jan. 11th, 1970
Publisher: Random House