AMERICAN CATHOLICS: A Protestant-Jewish View by Philip- Ed. Scharper
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AMERICAN CATHOLICS: A Protestant-Jewish View

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This symposium on the Catholic community in the U.S. represents an unusual Catholic publishing venture. With the exception of Father Weigel, S.J., who writes a grateful Afterward, the contributors are all non-Catholics, two of them Jewish and five Protestant. All are representative spokesmen in their own denominations, interested in furthering harmonious, intelligent relations between Catholic, Protestant and Jew in our pluralistic society. Their criticisms are offered in a spirit of charity in response to the editor's request. It is remarkable how much their independent contributions find common cause for complaint. It is interesting, too, that many of the complaints are the same as have been made in the more intelligent Catholic journals. With a few exceptions, the comment is more sociological than theological in character. The Social Image, The Religious Image and The Cultural Image are the basic themes around which the various articles are written. In the last analysis, the comments are fundamentally constructive. They should be welcomed by all Catholics since they offer an opportunity for them to see themselves as others see them and point out areas in which failure on the part of Catholics to be truly Catholic results in poor relations with other Americans and in giving a distorted image of Catholicism to those who belong to other religious groups.

Pub Date: Nov. 25th, 1959
Publisher: Sheed & Ward