ENGLAND SPEAKS by Philip Gibbs
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We should have put this in the MUST BOOK section, but we assume -- and hope -- that you have all placed your orders long since, so this should merely serve as sales aid for the staff....Companion volume to European Journey published just over a year ago, and like that revealing volume, ""a highly sensitized plate"", reflecting the tempo of modern England. It is wider in scope than J. B. Priestley's English Journey, and more optimistic as to the outcome of England's problem. Perhaps the additional year had settled, to some extent, the seethings of discontent and unrest. This is no rose-colored spectacle view -- though one senses a tremendous faith in the English people to weather all gales, under the wise and tolerant and far-seeing rule of those in power. ""There is enough tragedy here to make God weep if He sees it with pity. There is enough courage, patience, endeavour, and intelligence, to make it a good world. It is London, but it is also England ----- and the old traditional character remains strangely unaltered ----- If surges up irresistibly in times of crisis or of pageantry"". --And again -- ""England is doing well by some miracle of character and industry, and perhaps, a little luck...We are a very lucky people, if the luck lasts."" Illustrated by Edgar Land...An important book, with the combined qualities for holiday sale, of being attractive in format, excellent reading, and serious enough in content to make the ideal gift for that person who has read everything, up to the minute -- and who doesn't like froth. And after the holidays --its a book for the long haul.

Pub Date: Dec. 6th, 1935
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran