OLD ENOUGH TO FEEL BETTER: A Medical Guide for Seniors by

OLD ENOUGH TO FEEL BETTER: A Medical Guide for Seniors

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Clear, traditional, trustworthy information--delivered in a patronizing tone. Gordon, medical expert of the CBC program ""From Now On,"" seems to believe that: 1) the medical system--physicians included--is basically all right; 2) the elderly must be jollied along (i.e., a frank discussion of their problems might offend them). The first part of the book offers guidance on health-care resources, to be used in ""the complex interaction between yourself and the medical profession""; there is no open recognition, however, of the difficulties older people face in looking for knowledgeable, competent help--of the reluctance of many M.D.s to treat them. On psychological changes associated with aging, Gordon hedges too: ""you will probably be more certain of your beliefs if they have persisted and survived many years, so some people may consider you to be stubborn""--""or you may be as flexible and reasonable as you have always been."" Apropos of death and dying (""we must all die sooner or later""), we are advised that rather than avoiding a discussion when death is imminent, we should talk about it with our families, who in turn should ""consult your physician so that what is being said to you is consistent."" In Part II, Gordon concerns himself with specific health problems and illnesses, and generally adopts the same soothing approach (e.g., ""many of us at some time have experienced dizziness""). The discussion includes equipment (such as respirators) and diagnostic testing; but there is little anywhere on such equally important issues as payment for health care--or how to be sure your practitioner is up on this rapidly expanding field. Standard fare, annoyingly set forth.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1981
Publisher: Chilton