UFO'S--IDENTIFIED by Philip J. Klass


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The author, senior avionics (aviation electronics) editor for Aviator Week and Space Technology magazine was a man who considered UFOs strictly fly-by night affairs and unworthy of scientific investigation until he picked up a copy of Incident at Exeter. Presto ""UFOria"" as he noted elements in the book that could lend themselves to logical scientific explanation; particularly to anyone acquainted with the electrical phenomenon known as corona. Corona is a distaff part of the ""plasma"" family which also includes the notional little freakish fireballs referred to as ""ball lightning."" happenstancely referred to in other works on this subject. Without going into the extensive ""plasma physics"" of Mr. Klass' theory, let's just say that the author presents the most viable alternative to the ""extra-terrestrial"" hypotheses which has appeared. His research has taken him from the halls of NICAP to the walls of Dr. Benjamin Simon's office (the doctor who helped Betty and Barney Hill recall their Interrupted Journey). His explanations seem sound and unassailably logical but it still seems difficult to believe that such centuries' worth of fuss is due to such a little shocker.

Pub Date: Feb. 28th, 1967
Publisher: Random House