THE GRAND ADVENTURE by Philip Jose Farmer


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Seven tales--six shorts, one novelette, with extensive introductions to each--from the imaginative, popular, iconoclastic author of the Riverworld series. The better-known entries: a mind-boggling, rather Freudian fantasy about exploring a universe beyond our own; a genuinely frightening picture of an Earth suffering from progressive memory loss; a wacky world so overcrowded that people only live one day per week, spending the remainder in stasis; and another world where King Kong actually existed. Also on the agenda are less famous fantasies: an afterlife of utter conformity,(a few individuals do still try to beat the system); a weird piece about animal totems. And the long work is an amusing, adroit, inventive, semi-obscene Sherlock Holmes parody (rewritten from an obscure 1973 novelette to avoid copyright problems), set in 1916 and featuring--among other things--a mad German scientist and a fake Mowgli masquerading as king of the African jungle. A solid Farmer grab-bag, then: sometimes over-familiar, but nearly always stimulating and enjoyable.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1984
Publisher: Berkley