THE HIGH-RISK CHILD: A Guide for Concerned Parents by Philip; Judith Sherman & Sydelle Engel Deppe

THE HIGH-RISK CHILD: A Guide for Concerned Parents

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A serviceable, well-conceived guide for the parents of exceptional children, especially useful for its information on medical insurance policies, income-tax deduction intricacies, and other household basics. The three authors--involved professionally or personally with high-risk children--explain not only how detailed the records kept by parents should be, but also why professionals sometimes ask questions already answered in a child's folder. They include a large section on developmental milestones, so parents can gauge strengths and deficits, and look over the ground rules for testing and other assessments. Although the opening section, addressed to parents of unborn children, is peculiar--this should not be the cautionary source for the average expectant parent--most of the text is businesslike and reality-oriented: a book for those who need it. Intentionally limited in scope, it attempts few of the emotional modulations or layered wisdoms of Helen Featherstone's A Difference in the Family--a far more compelling work--and does not attend to issues of attitude or public policy examined in Gliedman and Roth's effective The Hidden Minority. But for everyday strategies, it's a handy, informed compilation.

Pub Date: Jan. 16th, 1980
Publisher: Macmillan