THE ARABS: A Short History by Philip K. Hitti

THE ARABS: A Short History

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Based on, and condensed from, Hitti's ""The History of the Arabs"" (a massive and authoritative work published by Macmillan), this is the main outline of Moslem empire and culture from its rise in early medieval days to its decline in the 16th century. The Arab -- as a race and personality; his ascent to power when Muhammed created Islam, Islam which was to be more than a religion and become the state; military conquests and expansion -- from economic necessity -- in the 8th century; the start of social, cultural, intellectual and artistic life which was to culminate at Baghdad and which was to influence western Europe in many spheres; finally the disintegration of Moslem power and the Crusades which saw the downfall; from then on, until 1918, complete at the hands of the Turk. Nothing of the present day Arab problem and conflict with the Zionist movement which might make this of more than background value.

ISBN: 0895267063
Publisher: Princeton