THE MERRY MISTRESS by Philip Lindsay


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Something just this side of history in a rumpled costume piece which tells of Jane Shore, whose beauty takes her from Cheapside to the King's Court. Married at 14 to a mercer whose suspicious vigilance is whetted by an older spinster sister, Jane is soon to learn the power of her natural endowments and while never ""orgulous of my body""- uses it well and freely with Edward IV and his favorites, Hastings and Dorset. For Dorset's sake- she ""sells"" herself to Hastings in a conspiracy which follows the King's death, and her royal road to shame has its sad end with Dorset's betrayal, Hasting's arrest for treason, and her own on a charge of adultery.... Strictly deshabille and declasse.

Pub Date: Feb. 27th, 1953
Publisher: Roy