NO EASY ANSWERS by Philip M. Klutznick


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I believe wholeheartedly that without religion Jewish life is not a distinctive and thereby enduring identity"". With this statement the author puts himself on record and this book is an attempt to clarify the eternal Jew. What keeps the Jewish religion vital, what unites Jews despite their separatism; what gives them seemingly opposing goals, how can they succeed where others fail in raising astronomical sums of money for their causes and so on. There's a light touch here and there which relieves the book from being ponderous, and- as a diplomat- Klutznick meets his issues and answers them courageously. While many will disagree with his position, all readers will recognize the fine moral quality of his thinking and give attention to his answers to difficult questions. For many years President of B'nai B'rith (Sons of the Covenant) with its many international ramifications, he has lived his beliefs. Brought up in Omaha in an Orthodox Jewish background, he has widened his horizons by world travel, has served his people and the cause of Israel as a member of the American delegation to the U.N., where he ably handled the ticklish Arab group. His concluding chapters on the birth, growth and development of Israel make fascinating reading in his analysis of its political, economic, social and religious facets. And his tribute to John Foster Dullest role as a defender of Israel will be a surprise to many. An unusual book.

Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Cudahy