ARMASTER by Philip McCutchan


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This is the first of Commander Shaw's five cold war, hot water actions to appear here although the others will be imported. And it deals with Warmaster, ""the ultimate deterrent,"" which the U.S. has developed and which a pan-Nazi nationalist group wishes to obstruct. This accounts for the electronically equipped dock adrift, with a girl's body in the flooding chamber, which takes Shaw on a tracer of both the dead girl and a live girl, from England to the U.S. to South America, through a fantastic underground installation, and finally on a hellbent helicopter escape in a race against time and eternity.... If comparisons are to be made, and they will be, there is less exotica than in the Fleming books, the background is more ship than SHAPE-- i.e. sturdily navigational, and it is all handled with metallic determination and stringency.

Pub Date: Sept. 2nd, 1964
Publisher: John Day