THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT: And Ozone Layer by Philip Neal


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This title in the ""Considering Conservation"" series presents differing points of view on a complex and difficult topic, but its cluttered format, verbose text, and British slant limit its usefulness. A typical two-page spread on the ozone layer includes two photos, two maps, a diagram, several paragraphs of text, and a boxed rebuttal argument. There are similar spreads on CFCs, methane, El Nino, and sunspots. It is difficult to construct a coherent view of the subject as a whole from such choppy bits while trying to make sense of wordy, unnecessarily complex sentences: ""Soaring temperatures accompanied by an almost complete lack of rain across the whole of the west of the country, led to fields, which ought to have been full of ripening corn (we call it maize--you may know it as 'corn on the cob' --which makes the crisp cornflakes of breakfast time), having half-grown and shriveled stalks in them.""! Place names are almost all British, including the ""Addresses for More Information."" American readers will be better served elsewhere. Glossary; index.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1990
Page count: 64pp
Publisher: Batsford--dist. by David & Charles