THE BRIBE by Philip Ross


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The author of this book just happens to be the brother of Butt Ross, wunderkind Democratic mayor of Fort Lee, N.J., a bedroom suburb of New York. Of course there's nothing wrong with admiring your kid brother, particularly when he's as incorruptible and dashing as Burr. One fine day Butt is approached by a silk-suited heavy wearing a large pinky ring. Joey D. wants Butt to stop a council vote against some variances in the town's zoning laws. He wants it 500Gs worth. So Burr goes to the state attorney general and the FBI. He gets himself wired with bugs; his phone too. The plot thickens. Burt is cagier than Kojak, cuter than Baretta. The fuzz is listening in; money passes hands. It turns out that this is really hot stuff--a multimillion dollar shopping center is at stake. Realtors, mafiosi, and Burt's political foes are all in it. Burt's brother can hardly stand the suspense, even now, two years later. Secret rendezvous in diners, hidden mikes, FBI stakeouts; Burt's wife, a tough cookie, is scared out of her wits. Burt's at the center of everything. Eventually, a lot of hoods and crooks are indicted--some even go to the pen--and Burt moves on to head the New Jersey State Energy Office. Dum-da-dum-dum.

Pub Date: July 28th, 1976
Publisher: Harper & Row