ROCKET TO NOWHERE by Philip St. John


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Here is a lulu, which if it weren't for jets, rockets and space lingo, would fit in exactly with the Judeo-Christian idea of heaven and earth. All that's missing are saints, angels and harps. When 18 year old Danny returns to stay with his scientist parents near the White Sands proving grounds, he is aware of a continuous chain of mysterious disappearances-of famous scientists, statesmen, etc., presumably killed in rocket crashes. At the same time there is much talk of which nation will be the first to build a space station- and the power that accomplishment will give it. Danny and his family and friends disappear too- to the Moon which they find populated with 12,000 of the world's ""best people""- ready to attack aggressors on earth, ready to make the Solar system a fine place to live. Simple, eh?

Pub Date: April 19th, 1954
Publisher: Winston