THE MOONLIGHT TRAVELER by Philip Van Doren-Ed. Stern
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Stellar collection and worthy companion to The Midnight Reader (see P. 131, March 15th bulletin, 1942). This is an omnibus of miracles, death, ingenious plots and high imagination, with topnotch authors, -- Forster, James Stephens, Beerbohm, Wells, Stevenson, Coppard, Maugham, de la Mare, Dunsany, Jan Struther, Stella Benson, Eric Knight, Conrad Aiken, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Poe, Benet, O Henry, Saki etc. Past, present and future fantasies, beings on other planets, the devil and his bargains, divisions of self, variations on familiar themes, Aladdin's lamp inheritors, dreams, death, and other themes that make for entertainment improbabilities, with accent on the literary quality. Tops in omnibus volumes, of its kind.

Pub Date: May 7th, 1943
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran