ROBERT E. LEE: The Man and The Soldier by Philip Van Doren Stern

ROBERT E. LEE: The Man and The Soldier

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In his introduction to this book the author, a well-known Civil War historian, ates that he here has endeavored to do what no other biographer of Lee has attempted: to bring together in one volume ""the pictorial material which illustrates the various phases of Lee's life"". Using his text as a sort of picture gallery in which to display his enormous collection of drawings, photographs and maps, the author packs his written material pertaining to Lee into a fairly brief space: his ancestors, ancestral homes and immediate forebears; his friends, relations, wife and family; the houses in which he lived; his education and pre- and post-war careers; his Civil War achievements and his strengths and weaknesses as a general. Since this was reviewed without the pictures illustrating the otherwise undistinguished biography, it is impossible to evaluate it properly. It should, however, find a place in some libraries and be welcomed as a gift-book by Civil War buffs and historians.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill