THE ANSWER by Philip Wylie


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This small story with a larger message appeared originally in the Saturday Evening Post, had a tremendous response which justified a more permanent form of publication, and is buttressed by the enthusiasm of such figures as Eleanor Roosevelt, Carl Sandburg, Norman Vincent Peals.... A third war is in the making, and from a carrier an H-bomb is dropped, a test which is successful. But a casualty falls, an angel, and speculation seethes- is it a hoax, a Communist conspiracy, an illusion?- while many in high places are filled with uneasiness. But a book- which the angel had carried -- is found by a child and reveals the message ""Love One Another"" which carries this earthly and spiritual directive toward all.... With the success of say- the Gallico books-well in mind- there will be unquestionably a questioning audience for this which will find assurance here for these uncertain times.

Publisher: Rinehart