THE WORLD IS MY EGGSHELL by Philippa Greene Mulford


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An exploration of the triple threats of adolescence: romance, identity and coping with change. Sixteen-year-old Abby resents her family's efforts to improve her social life. She prefers to curl up at home in her looted pajamas, weeping over sad novels. Abby can't see why she should bother when she'll only be overshadowed by handsome, popular twin brother Shel. Even a move to a new town and separate schools haven't encouraged Abby to strike out on her own, and she is still grieving over her father's recent death. Abby's discovery that she has as much to offer as Shel makes an engrossing story. Meanwhile, Abby and her family come to accept the finality of her father's death, and learn that change brings growth as well as grief. Humor, strong characterization and a lively style distinguish this duckling-to-swan story. It is unusual in suggesting that Abby's self-improvements are as much for her own self-respect as to attract boys. Intelligent and perceptive.

Pub Date: March 7th, 1986
Publisher: Delacorte