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SAMMY TWO SHOES by Phillip DePoy


by Phillip DePoy

Pub Date: Oct. 5th, 2021
ISBN: 978-0-7278-5066-9
Publisher: Severn House

A quick trip to New York turns deadly for a good-hearted former car thief who’s now a valued agent of the Florida Child Protective Service.

Foggy Moscowitz can’t resist the allure of seeing two of his favorite singers in a New York club. His reputation as a mensch causes the news of his arrival to spread, and he’s soon greeted by his childhood friend Sammy Two Shoes. Sammy begs Foggy to help his girlfriend, Phoebe, who’s getting death threats, possibly from an actress named Emory, a crazy cast member of a show she’s managing. Soon after Emory’s found stabbed with a pencil, the cops arrest Phoebe. Sammy’s so desperate to get her out of jail that Foggy calls on his Aunt Shayna, whose brisket is the best and who’s still connected to the mob. Since everyone feared and hated Emory, Foggy keeps looking for other suspects, working with Helen Baker, Phoebe’s public defender, even after Sammy claims that he stabbed Emory himself. Hired by Helen to investigate, Foggy soon turns up another childhood acquaintance, Tanner Brookmeyer, a stone killer with a finger in every dirty pot in the city who’d like nothing better than to see both Foggy and Sammy dead. Sammy helps Foggy pull off a raid on Brookmeyer’s apartment, where the discovery of damning evidence may help clear the case—unless the hail of flying bullets kills them all first.

An amusing caper that takes the sting out of its brutality by emphasizing the hero’s good points.