THEIR BROTHERS' KEEPER by Phillip Friedman


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Hitler's plan to ""purify"" the Aryan countries by exterminating the Jews was not without opposition by Aryans and Christians themselves. Scores of men and women of the cloth, business people and countryside peasants risked their lives to help Jews escape from the carnage that was Europe. In garbage cans, graves, office attics and bird houses they were hidden from the guns and charnel houses of the Gestapo. Christians organized underground railways to Palestine, surreptitiously brought food into the ghettos of Warsaw and Vilna, and died along with their Jewish friends in the furnaces of Dachau and Auschwitz. Country by country, Mr. Friedman enumerates partisans of the Jewish cause. Anna Simaite and a Mother Superior in Vilna, Janina Bochole-Bukolska in Warsaw, Mother Maria of Paris, the Jewish Defense Committee in Holland and the questionable aid of Himmler's private physician, Kersten -- these are but a few of the Christians who resisted each in his own capacity, the destruction and degradation of some 8,000,000 Jews.

Pub Date: May 20th, 1957
Publisher: Crown