ESKIMO ISLAND by Phillip Viereck


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A picture of modern Eskimo life centers on the daily doings of three Eskimo boys and a young American who visits them. Except for the summer months when the Eskimos find jobs in Nome, King Island, a desolate spot in the Bering Sea, is the home base for one group. Here salmon fishing, walrus, polar bear and sea hunting occupy their days. Grandfather is proud of Suluc, Mayac and Kaga who are learning the basic facts of survival and becoming proficient in the customs of their people. Though Bruce is an outsider, he too becomes versed in Eskimo lore as the boys enjoy the fireside folk tales of the old folk and equally adept at the chores of winter living. Good supplementary reading which takes the Eskimo out of his traditional igloo and brings him realistically into modern times.

Pub Date: May 25th, 1962
Publisher: John Day