DOMINO by Phyllis A. Whitney
Kirkus Star


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As always, Whitney works up to a final clatter of clues and calamities with a veteran's ease. Laurie, Eastern career girl, still has those nightmares about something that happened way out West in her grandmother's town of Jasper, Colorado--something to do with her father's early death, when she was only eight. But now grandmother Persis Morgan, who has ignored Laurie since then, telegraphs a call for help to the granddaughter she never wanted to see again. Laurie is scared, but--accompanied by her new beau, actor Hillary--off to grandmother's house she goes. Once she's there, however, no one wants to unveil the past: not Grandmother, not cold, live-in lawyer Caleb, not wiry young Jon (something more than a hired hand), not even Grandmother's hostile nurse Gall. And meanwhile Laurie has been called to help fight a resort-complex entrepreneur who wants to ""destroy"" Domino, a nearby old silver-mining town. Dropped hints, an old derringer, a macabre funeral wreath, and a pieced-together tale of murder and scandal--all having to cio with Grandmother's hated second husband--lead Laurie to remember at last the terrible thing she did. . . or did she? It all ends with the bad guy cashing in his chips in a mine shaft. Slow at first, but it gathers up a cruising speed--quite speedy enough for Whitney's faithful, sedate readers.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1979
Publisher: Doubleday