A STAR FOR GINNY by Phyllis A. Whitney
Kirkus Star


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A top-notch girls' story of Ginny who goes from a small town department-store to work in a great emporium which might be Marshall Field in Chicago. The book abounds in excellent action, psychology and philosophy. It would be to the advantage of most book sellers to read this for though Ginny sells juveniles, what she has to learn about employer, fellow employee and customer is applicable to all in the retail trade. Her difficult relationship with the ambitious Claire Bridges at her counter, her friend Dennis McLeod's belief in luck, her first juvenile illustrations which are turned down, all bring a chip to the shoulder of young Ginny, but her good sense and the counsel of friends dislodges this and you feel that she is going on to an able career. The department store background is well handled and her home life with the gay Torrents is most illuminating. The characters are all aptly drawn from the successful novelist to the young sulky settlement child who acts as Ginny's model. One of the very best girls' books we've read.

Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin