THE SILVER INKWELL by Phyllis A. Whitney


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The author of A Phase for a Star for gives us a novel that is sure to interest all girls who want to write, complete with publishing house background, well-drawn, a literary ""tea"", long intimate chats with an already famous author, prize contest entries. Lynn Sheridan works at a public library in a poor section of Chicago but comes home after work and writes of romance in Italy, among the social set, theatrical world, etc., all things of which she knows nothing. She is amassing rejection slips and getting the blue. Along comes an opportunity to be assistant in a new juvenile department of an established publisher, and Lynn discovers that living has something to do with writing. A crusade in a small way against juvenile delinquency, in which Cleo Barkridge, glamorous successful author, joins with Lynn and Bryce Hunter, her young, attractive boss, and many others to start a club for the youngsters who have no place to play, gives Lynn her first realization that both Bryce and Cleo are right in advising her to write about things she knows. All this, plus Bryce and Lynn each winning for each other a prize in short story contests, plus two romances make this a fast-moving story girls will cut up.

Pub Date: Sept. 19th, 1945
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin