SONG OF THE SHAGGY CANARY by Phyllis Anderson Wood


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This is another of Ms. Wood's semirealistic novels (see rye Missed a Sunset or Three, KR, 1973) geared to youngsters who are more likely to identify with a shaggy or at least somewhat shopworn (but never, never shabby) bird than with the sleek, unruffled, more expensive kind. As previously the characters are scarred to start with -- Sandy, back in high school after dropping out to marry a boy who left her when she got pregnant, hasn't been anywhere but school and home since ten-month old Chuckle was born; and John, another dropout, is back from the army transformed from charming to moody by his best friend's death and his girl friend's defection. But their decency and caring ways (toward each other, Chuckie, and the elderly inmates of a nursing home) see them through an incredibly straight and sexless courtship to high school graduation, marriage (the occasion marred only by Chuckie's accidental fall and overnight stay in surgery) and the promise of paramedical careers. An upbeat song for the high school underdog.

Pub Date: March 25th, 1974
Publisher: Westminster