THEN I'LL BE HOME FREE by Phyllis Anderson Wood


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When Rosemary's beloved grandmother dies, she suffers a double loss, since she was raised by her grandparents, Della and Arthur. Rosemary slips into a depression and is unable to help her grandfather, also grieving bitterly. When her grandfather takes an overdose of sleeping pills, Rosemary is shocked to her senses. Arthur survives, and together he and Rosemary learn to comfort each other and face the future again. Rosemary gets a job. Her grandfather becomes involved in a program to bring pets to nursing homes, and rediscovers his zest for life. Finally, Rosemary opens herself to the possibility of loss again when she allows herself to accept the love of a supportive and faithful boy. This novel has a timeless quality, an old-fashioned feel to it--and almost might have been written 30 years ago. Despite the stiff language, and fairly predictable end, this picture of a young woman trying to cope with grief and loss is an honest one, and readers will enjoy the author's warmth and sensitivity. A step into the land of happy endings, with more complexity and style than might be expected.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1986
Publisher: Dodd, Mead