FREEDOM, FAREWELL! by Phyllis Bentley


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Again an author whose sales record means definite inquiries and interest in each succeeding book. This new novel is a complete departure from her familiar type and background (the mill sections of Northern England), for here is an historical novel of the rise to power of Julius Caesar, and the fall of a democracy. Familiar figures of school text books take on reality:- Pompey, the general and dictator, Crassus, the capitalist, Cato, the Stoic, Cicero, the orator -- of the women, Julia, Cornelia, Porcia, Servilia. Good adventure -- good romance -- if one feels a bit confused at the assumption of a clear picture of the interrelation of the events and characters, the plot disentangles the threads. The revival of interest in novels recreating the classical period justifies one in placing this -- for sales -- with Tros of Samothrace. There is good scholarship -- and some of the best writing Phyllis Bentley has done. But, the subject matter undoubtedly imposes certain limitations on the market.

Pub Date: Feb. 25th, 1936
Publisher: Macmillan