A MODERN TRAGEDY by Phyllis Bentley


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INHERITANCE won an almost spectacular success. On the strength of that book's popularity, there is sure to be a demand for this, although, inherently, it is not so powerful a book, nor so convincingly told. Again Northern England -- the Yorkshire textile manufacturing center -- but this time it is a modern story, and a story of one generation. It's a tragic tale of youth caught in the maelstrom of modern life, with false standards of ethics in business, with a confusion of ideals of right and wrong. Walter, a likeable but none too bright young man, is caught in an innocent enough deception which leads to deeper and deeper deceptions and subterfuges. A marriage outside his station complicates matters still further, and the crash implicates him, through the machinations of his employer who knows a good tool when he sees it, in the downfall of the people who trusted him. A keen indictment of modern business methods and the dangers of the credit system, but as a novel it is weak in plot and unconvincing in characterization.

Pub Date: Feb. 5th, 1934
Publisher: Macmillan