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BEARLY HIDDEN by Phyllis Eickelberg


A Brain Teaser Mystery

by Phyllis Eickelberg

Pub Date: July 27th, 2011
ISBN: 978-1458200099
Publisher: Abbott

The three Samuelson sisters are brought together to solve a series of puzzles after the untimely death of their mother and bring light to the mystery of her demise as well as a string of peculiar murders.

With the help of infantile, mother-of-two sister Rachel and rigid detective sister Sally, not to mention a cute teddy bear that their mother, Mattie, had been stitching before her drowning, big sister Heather finds clues that lead her to believe that her mother had been looking to put a stop to the strange deaths that had been occurring in her Oregon community. Eickelberg, a native Oregonian, uses crafty tricks as she delves into the minds of three sisters who are intent on finding out what the mysterious message tucked inside the stuffed animal has to do with the inexplicable drowning of their mother. Brainteasers mark the end of each chapter, and the author, an avid lover of riddles, invites readers to submit to unconventional word games and challenges that give way to clues about what comes next. Using comical imagery to describe the senior citizens at her mother’s residence, the frightening—but sexy—biker who is suddenly interested in their case and other strange people in the community, Eickelberg covertly guides the “Samuelson Sleuths” along their way as the sisters frequent their mother’s senior center and its surrounding neighborhood in hopes of unearthing a secret and unveiling a killer. Charmingly, cunningly twisting and turning, the story centers around the curious teddy bear and guides readers toward a clever conclusion that they can almost veer toward on their own. The brainteasers and puzzles are fun and easy, but serve as a slight distraction to a fun and easy read. The most enjoyable part is dissecting the puzzles to find out their part in the deaths that have been taking place. Eickelberg’s bizarre characters and thought-provoking puzzles will keep mystery fans turning the pages.