ICE RIVER by Phyllis Green


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Crowell's fluid, unaggressively contemporary black and white illustrations set just the right tone for this dangerous adventure turned developmental lesson. But Green pushes the psychology hard, perhaps harder than this neat, understated little episode can bear. On an afternoon when neither has permission to go skating, Dell and Izzy get marooned on an ice floe and have to be rescued by helicopter. . . and then Dell must wait anxiously for the return of his St. Bernard, Mutt, who was lost in the swirling waters. On top of it all, Dell is saved only to learn that his mother has just lost the baby he sort of resented anyway, that his new stepfather can be trustworthy and understanding, and that he can't depend too much on his real father who ""wanted to rush right over"" to help but is relieved that he didn't have to. More adjusting than we'd care to do in any one day; however Dell's moods are so believably handled that it's possible to overlook the didacticism.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1975
Publisher: Addison-Wesley