THE VERY TALL LITTLE GIRL by Phyllis Krasilovsky


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What was beyond the reach of The Very Little Girl is possible for the very tail little girl--with the result that everyone expects too much of her. She's so uncomfortable--too big for the desks at school and for the dresses made for girls her age--that she stops eating to stop growing. Then she realizes that she is just one of a tall family, that nobody else seems to mind, that being tall can even be a boon. ""Even though she didn't get to be a bunny or a kitten or an elf in a school play, she did get to be a beautiful sunflower, a funny giraffe, and the wife of a brave giant. . . . Nobody treated her like a baby. But best of all, being tall made her different from almost all the other little girls."" Whether or not towering moppets consequently take pride in being different, they'll see themselves from a new (ad)vantage point, and anyone familiar with its predecessor will enjoy this lively, logical extension, cunningly drawn.

Pub Date: Oct. 3rd, 1969
Publisher: Doubleday