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THE PANCAKE KING by Phyllis LaFarge



Pub Date: Nov. 12th, 1971
Publisher: Delacorte

At first Henry is only making pancakes for his own breakfast, lunch and dinner, but soon he is locally famous and offered a contract by a certain Mr. Jinker. Shortly afterwards Henry is rich and so is Mr. Jinker, with Henry Edgewood Pancake King fan clubs, posters, buttons, dolls, and song, not to mention TV appearances and a command performance at the White House. But after a while Henry begins to have trouble with his pancakes and to think about baseball and even school, so he leaves Mr. Jinker, gives up on pancakes, and makes himself some waffles for breakfast. The pictures, sort of gingerbread pop in turned-on colors, are as mod and faddish as the improbable pancake craze -- and without Mr. Jinker's promotion they're not likely to capture the under-six market.