WARRIOR'S WOMAN by Phyllis Leonard


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Though Alana had long been aware of her beauty, the impact on men of her silver-blond hair, emerald-green eyes, and coral-rose mouth"" causes Irishwoman Alana and the wonder-dog Irish wolfhound, Finn, considerable discomfort as this deep-purple foolishness explores the 1519 Mexican wake of Cortez. Lover number one (for Alana--Finn seems celibate) is a Spanish grandee, but while there will be rapes and rolls to follow, it's English soldier Brian who sets the impressive bosom to rolling (""Their breaths mingled; his loins sang""). Obviously those who mess with Cortez and the Aztecs in deadly negotiation and combat can expect trouble, but Alana has more than her due: there's your normal rapist plus the intense, superstitious hatred of an Aztec-and-then-Christian priest. And she barely escapes the human sacrifice block to land eventually at an Inquisition stake, with poor Finn trussed up too. But Brian gallops in on time. Lots of glittering celebs of the time, marble halls, and a chorus of singing loins.

Pub Date: Nov. 29th, 1977
Publisher: Coward, McCann & Geoghegan