OLD BOY'S TREE HOUSE and Other ""Deep Forest"" Tales by Phyllis Purscell

OLD BOY'S TREE HOUSE and Other ""Deep Forest"" Tales

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Diffuse, slow-moving animal stories unredeemed by Ursula Arndt's warm drawings. Old Boy, a dog, takes the lead in the first by building a treehouse, distressing Bigley the beaver until the latter gets one of his own and finds it a nice change from the dam. Old Boy also involves his friends Raccoon, Porcu and Gator in a fight with a bunch of dogs, then tries to avert conflict via a picnic; the enemy suspects a trap and wrecks the table but later the two sides, each really afraid of the other, make peace. Another features Porcu wandering around trying to find out whose birthday party he's invited to, not realizing until ""Happy Birthday Dear _____ that he's the Special Someone. Nothing special about this group, though--just pooped-out Pooh.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1968
Publisher: Weybright & Talley