BEHIND THE WHEEL: Stories of Cars on Road and Track by Phyllis R.-Ed. Fenner
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BEHIND THE WHEEL: Stories of Cars on Road and Track

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In her preface, the anthologist makes the point that ""The world was never the same"" after the invention of the automobile. To extend that thought, it is also true that almost no one is ever the same after he has owned his first car. Some assume a wholly, new character when they take the steering wheel, just as the title character id in L. H. Robbins' amusing Professor Todd's Used Car. While a license to drive pushes back the physical boundaries of existence, there are the inescapable moral implications, well-drawn here in John and Ward Hawkins' Frame-up on the Highway. The drama of racing is represented in one of William Gault's finest -- Brick Road to Glory -- and its ability to demand greatness as well as total commitment as shown in A. Stanley Kramer's His Finest Race. There are twelve stories in all and ome outstanding authors are here -- Bill Mauldin, James Thurber, William Saroyan. This is an expertly selected collection that should capture the reading interest of boys especially - and those girls who wait for their licenses with as much fervor.

Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1964
Publisher: Morrow