CRACK OF THE BAT: Stories of Baseball by Phyllis R.- Ed. Fenner

CRACK OF THE BAT: Stories of Baseball

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Ten short stories and excerpts from longer books, all dealing with diamond play and written by top flight writers in the juvenile field. Baseball fans will find plenty of thrills and inspiration in the stories of sandy-haired six foot three Bill with the crooked arm delivery; Lassiter, the prize college catcher, who gave up a record for a teammate; Roy, ""the kid from Tompkinsville"" who helped the Dodgers stay on top; of brothers' rivalry; of how Lou Gehrig joined the Yankees; of how the Babe acquired his nickname, and so on. The roster includes such favorites as Stephen Meader, Jackson Scholz, John Tunis, Bob Considine, B. J. Chute and others.

Pub Date: March 10th, 1952
Publisher: Knopf