HORSES, HORSES, HORSES by Phyllis R.- Ed. Fenner
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Eighteen horse stories, varied in tempo and mood, setting and values, but everyone of them a good yarn. The passion for books about horses starts with beginning readers and goes right on to maturity, so this is a perfect family book. Some of the stories are familiar to those who know Smoky, Black Stallion, High Courage, Red Horse Hill and other favorite books about horses. Some of the stories appeared in magazines and never between book covers, but Russell Gordon Carter, Genevieve Eames, Mabel Leigh Hunt are names known through books and magazines. The important thing is that each story stands on its own merits, whether the author tells of orphan children who save an old plough horse, or a race between stallions, or a cutter race in New Hampshire; whether the horses are wild horses or family pets. My favorite Maltese Cat is missing but why be captious when there is so much wealth offered.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1949
ISBN: 1164497324
Publisher: Franklin Watts